Healthier 2018 challenge

So it’s the second week of the worst month in the year and I’ve chosen to eat better.

So after my dad witnessed me eat a large bag of popcorn to myself while watching Star Wars he’s been telling me that I need to join the gym and get myself fit.

I’m a size 8-10 and don’t really need to loose weight instead I want to adopt an all together healthier lifestyle.

My goal is to go to the gym once a week so that I feel better within myself.

It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and it definitely gave me a bit of a buzz to go.

I’ve already planned to go again on Friday and have a hot yoga class booked for Saturday.

I’ve also been challenging myself to eat and drink better and stop snacking so much while writing essays.

I started the week eating potato slices (kid of like a healthier version of chips) with an avocado and feta cheese salad.

I’ve also had noodles with a side salad and mozzarella cheese sliced through.

For dessert I bought myself a mix of fruit including grapefruit, mango and persimmon to go with my Greek yogurt.

I’ve also switched out my English breakfast tea with jasmine green tea which has give me more energy throughout the day.


Christmas dressing

My three favourite days of the Christmas holidays… Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve because they are the days that I look my best.

Christmas Eve

This is the time for new pjs and relaxing after setting up everything for the Boxing Day sales at work.

This year my pjs come from Boohoo and are my favourite colour pink!

The may not be my normal fluffy choice I can’t wait to slip into these take my makeup off and give my feet a pamper courtesy of soap and glory.

Get a pair from Boohoo £12

Christmas Day

Are family traditions on Christmas include going to the pub to celebrate the day with the rest of the village before going home for Christmas dinner.

This means that I can’t stay in my pjs all day and have to find something cute to wear.

This year I’ve been inspired by Chloe from Don’t Trust the B in apt 23 and decided to go for a little bit of leopard print.

This outfit came from Look of the Day.

Skirt £5

Jumper £10

Heels £495

The black jumper has cut out sleeves and will help me not freeze when wearing a leopard print mini skirt.

I’m always looking for an excuse to wear my Louboutins and these are just the right size for me to stumble home in after a few to many glasses of prosecco.

New Years Eve

After watching ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ I wanted a flapper style dress.

Dress £8 from Look of the Day. They also have the same style in black if this pink is to bright for your tastes.

I’m planning of waving my hair as it’s already short and I’m looking for a cute headband to match.

I can’t wait to shimmy the night away with this amazing detailing.

No outfit is complete without a pair of fabulous heels and this pair will help me sparkle the night away.

What are your plans for the next few weeks?

Ali xx

Christmas wish list

The start of December means that I’ve started to think about what I want for Christmas this year. Hopefully I’ve been a good girl this year and some of these wishes come true….

1. Miu Miu red heels

Who doesn’t love a pair of bold heels to take on the Christmas period.

2: Space projector

I saw one and thought it would look cute in my dorm room.

3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban illustrated edition.

I’ve been asking for this collection of books every Christmas since they came out. The illustrations are amazing and make the story even more magical.

4: Chanel foundation

This is my every day foundation and I’m coming to the end of my last bottle so I can’t wait for a new one. Plus adding a little Chanel into my routine makes every day feel a bit more special.

5: Soap and Glory goodies

I haven’t met a soap and glory product that I haven’t loved so far. I want both the face products and all the new bath things.

6: New pjs and slippers

I’m on a bit of a pink kick at the moment so cute pink shorts and camis and fluffy sliders will make my bed times look even better.

Bootea tea tox review

BooTea tea tox review part 2

I finished Bootea’s 14 day tea tox last week

I haven’t lost any noticeable weight but that’s not what I’m using either product for.

I do feel healthier than before as the product has helped put me in a better mindset with what I should eat.

I spent the last two weeks eating a lot less than normal and I’m no longer snacking so much throughout the day.

The tea has left me feel more energised and motivated to continue my new healthy lifestyle.

I haven’t found the night tea to be too bad so far it does make me need to go to toilet in the morning but it hasn’t inconvenienced my schedule at all.

I did change the time that I took my pill as I have read stories about how the night time tea has caused girls to get pregnant but I don’t really mind having to take it in the evening anyway.

I also purchased a bag of Little Oats which has more than enough to last 14 days. I ate mine with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a small amount of honey so that it’s a little bit sweeter.

This is the amount left after using it for three weeks.

I will be reordering the tea tox and some more of the oats at the end of the month as I felt that it’s really helping me achieve my fitness potential.

Finishing touches

How to create a home away from home with only a few key pieces…..

Fairy Lights

I’m a huge lover of fairy lights like many students as they are an inexpensive way to make the room feel more homely and look super cute at night. (They always make a good photo op)

I have both classic string fairy lights as well as a few quirky ones such as hearts and butterfly’s. Primark has an amazing range of cute fairy lights which are super cheap.

These heart ones are my personal favourite and cost just £3.99 from B&M Bargains.

Rose Gold Alarm Clock

A clock is kinda of essential as it makes sure you are getting where you need to go on time and can look super cute on your bedside unit or a windowsill.

£19.99 Dunelm


Make things a little bit more personal with light up letter which could be your initials or anything else you really want.

They look really pretty on the side and allows for you to show everyone that the room is yours.

£5.99 The Range

Candles and Diffusers

Who doesn’t want their room to smell nice and primark do an amazing range for of diffusers between £1.50- £4. I bought elegant luxe which smells nice and lasts for up to 9 weeks.

I also bought a small vanilla scented candle from Home bargains for 59p which smells amazing!

Money Jar

I’m currently using an empty coffee jar which helps me save for my monthly hair appointment 💁

By adding just one or two simple things to your room it can make it feel completely different without having to spend a fortune.

Bootea and Cute Nutrition review

After spending the entire of refreshers binging on takeaways and wine all the while complaining that I’m fat I decided that I had to be the one to make the change.

I ordered Bootea a while back and due to a problem with delivery it only arrived on Saturday a perfect excuse for me to start getting fit and healthy.

I ordered the 14 day Tea tox which I have tried in the past along with the 28 day version and I find that it does work for me.

The tea itself helps me feel more energetic and less bloated and the night time part helps me sleep far better.

I would continue ordering it just for those reasons.

In the past I haven’t found Bootea has helped me loose weight but that is my own fault for not sticking to a diet and exercise plan and instead just hoping the tea would counteract all the crap that I was putting in my body.

Boo Tea bundle pack £29.99

I also purchased Bootea’s little oats as I love porridge.

You only need to add boiling water to this one which is perfect for my lazy self.

It tastes great with a drizzle of honey and some cinnamon which helps to sweeten it with out heaping over spoonfuls of sugar.

Cute Nutrition £19.99

I also recently purchased Cute Nutrition’s meal replacement shake in Cookie and Cream flavour.

I was highly nervous about using a protein shake after my dad warned me that I should only be using it if I’m going to the gym as well.

I signed up for a fitness program earlier so now I feel better about trying these shakes.

I had my first shake today and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste as it was sweet enough to help take away some of my chocolate cravings.

So far I’m happy with both the price of my purchases and the taste of them both. I will do an update post next week to see if I’m still just as happy with them.

However while both Bootea and Cute nutrition can help my new healthy lifestyle I know that I need to improve my diet and exercise for me to see the difference in myself.

I’ve stocked my fridge with lots of fruits and vegetables and filled the cupboards with brown pastas and rice to help make lots of tasty meals for the week using my favourite cook book.

To help me along with the boring part of tracking what I’m eating and planning my meals for the week I’m using my weekly planner.

It contains a meal section which you can write down meal plans alongside any exercise you do and how much water you drink throughout the day

To help me slim down and tone up my tummy I have started to do this set of exercise:

I’ve also signed up for Results with Lucy as there was an offer on Unidays for 20% off!

Results with Lucy £14.99

While I know I cannot rush loosing weight I’m hoping that by putting in some more effort that I will finally be happy with how my tummy looks…

Decorating your bedroom on a budget

So a new year at uni brings a brand new home and a new chance to add my own touches.

When I first moved into my new room I felt particularly underwhelming and felt like crying due to its blandness and impersonal feel but with a few simple touches it has become my own little place.

I started to add a few photos to the walls..

These are selection of my personal photos of my friends and family. I had them printed from my phone using LALALAB.

Download the app from the app store and use this code for £5 off : PG4823WE

I also printed a selection of photos from Pinterest and We heart It. They include pictures of my favourite quotes and images. I used free prints which can also be downloaded from the App Store which gives you 40 prints for free with £2 shipping fee.

I wanted to fill every inch of the plain walls with photos and other trinkets so that it felt more like my own place.

I love the A initial that originally lived in my car but as I don’t have it with me in uni, I decided to bring it along Initial £11

I then added my bedding set which helped to brighten up my room a little bit more.

I bought two sets from Asda both costing £13 for a double. I picked up a zebra set and jungle themed set.

Animal bedding £13

The blanket was handmade by my Nan and helps to add a bit of a personal touch but primark have a range of beautiful blankets costing as little as £6. My personal favourite is the light pink beauty and the beast collection.

Primark throw blankets £6

I also needed to get myself a mirror and chose a marquee mirror from ebay which is available in white or black and is the perfect size for my desk

Mirror £18.99

White rug £10

I found this rug at my parents house and as it wasn’t being used I decided to take it with me. After being inspired on Pinterest I decided to place the rug over my desk chair to make it look a little less boring . You can also find ones similar in Ikea which is specifically designed for chairs for £10.

I may have lost my study space to all my makeup but it makes me smile to see all my favourite products displayed neatly in a acrylic box and lipstick holder. Both bought for under a tenner in wilko

Acrylic make up storage £6

Lipstick holder £3.50

I also bought a light shade from wilko as I’ve always been a fan of rose gold and it helps to pull together the room and makes it look like an actual bedroom.

Rose gold light £12

Banner £9

And lastly my favourite piece my banner.

It came from a party supply shop on etsy which have a range of options and helps to take up the unused space above my shelf.

Total spent: £89.50

Well that doesn’t seem overly cheap I could of easily spent hundreds on the same items from John Lewis and online boutiques. I bought everything over a month so that I could spread the cost more easily.

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration to help update your bedroom.

Ali x

The top five holiday Reads 

As July begins I’m now turning my attention to my up coming holiday and the most important decision that I will make… what books to take
While I love to bring stacks of paper backs with me  it isn’t always practical especially when I can read a book a day so this year I’m looking for books that I can read on my iPad or kindle. I’ve created a list of books that are both popular but with the added extra of a few less know books. So happy reading 
1: The Royal Roommate 

I have previously mention how much I enjoyed this book and while I probably won’t be reading it myself I highly encourage Romance lovers to splurge the few quid on this steamy read. 

Synopsis: ‘Sid is Army strong and sinfully sexy. He is tasked to investigate a woman suspected of having connections with a rebel group. The style of investigation was not his choice, and he is asked to move in as the roommate of the person of interest, Amy. Amy was thrilled to start her internship in San Francisco and wasn’t expecting a man with rock-solid abs as her roommate. The moment she laid eyes on him, she knew he was bad news. The attraction was undeniable and they both wondered how long they could hold on to their resolve. Sid didn’t want to sleep with a suspect even if she was wildly beautiful and sexy. Amy wasn’t interested in a fling.  Just when Sid is about close his investigation and declare Amy’s innocence, he finds out something about her that changes everything. She becomes the most important person in his life.’

The Royal Roommate

2: Guilty Wives by James Patterson 
There’s a rule in my family that no holiday is complete unless at least one of us is reading a James Patterson novel. I picked this one up recently and love the concept so far. 

Synopsis: ‘The holiday of a lifetime becomes a fight for survival in this gripping summer thriller from James Patterson. Sitting in a dark, dank prison cell in Paris, serving a life sentence for murder, Abbie Elliot tries to piece together the story of how she came to be here. It all happened in Monte Carlo, where she was having the holiday of a lifetime with her three best friends away from their stifling lives, and husbands. Abbie remembers casinos, nightclubs, champagne and private yachts. The next thing she can remember is a swarm of police storming the yacht and arresting her and her friends. Abbie has been set up, she knows it. But now she must find out who would do this to her, and why. Or she will spend the rest of her life rotting in that cell.’

Guilty Wives

3. For syfy lovers out there who are looking for something light hearted I recommend The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the book is completely irrelevant but also amazingly funny. 

Synopsis: One Thursday Lunchtime the earth gets unexpectedly demolished to make way for a new hyperspace bypass. For Arthur Dent, who has only just had his house demolished that morning, this seems already to be more than he can cope with. Sadly, however, the weekend has only just begun and the Galaxy is a very strange and startling place.’ 

The Hitchhikers Guide

4. For iPad/ kindle readers I recommend The Enjoying series with each book only costing £2.99 you can’t really go wrong. 

My top pick of the series is ‘Nothing left to lose’ I especially loved that while it was a romance it was also a lot darker than that which is what really caught my attention and love for these books. 

Synopsis: ‘Annabelle Spencer life is every girls dream until she was kidnapped by a big time drug and arms dealer Carter Thomas. Three years after she is rescued Ashton Taylor is brought in to help protect her and maybe be the one to help her rebuild her life’ 

Nothing left to lose

5: Now would also be the perfect time to dust of your old Stephen King horror books with the return of ‘IT to cinemas why not also read the classic book. Or if clowns aren’t your thing The Shinning always makes a good read.

Synopsis: To the children, the town was their whole world. To the adults, knowing better, Derry Maine was just their home town: familiar, well-ordered for the most part. A good place to live. It is the children who see – and feel – what makes the small town of Derry so horribly different. In the storm drains, in the sewers, IT lurks, taking on the shape of every nightmare, each one’s deepest dread. Sometimes IT reaches up, seizing, tearing, killing . . . Time passes and the children grow up, move away and forget. Until they are called back, once more to confront IT as IT stirs and coils in the sullen depths of their memories, reaching up again to make their past nightmares a terrible present reality.


I can’t wait to be sipping cocktails and reading some of these amazing books at the end of the month… 

A Review: The Royal Roommate 

Love, love,love…..Another fantastic read from P.G.Van. 

The Royal Roommate is a sensual summer read that I finished by the poolside.  
A synopsis: 

Sid is Army strong and sinfully sexy. He is tasked to investigate a woman suspected of having connections with a rebel group. The style of investigation was not his choice, and he is asked to move in as the roommate of the person of interest, Amy. 

Amy was thrilled to start her internship in San Francisco and wasn’t expecting a man with rock-solid abs as her roommate. The moment she laid eyes on him, she knew he was bad news.

The attraction was undeniable and they both wondered how long they could hold on to their resolve. Sid didn’t want to sleep with a suspect even if she was wildly beautiful and sexy. Amy wasn’t interested in a fling. 

Just when Sid is about close his investigation and declare Amy’s innocence, he finds out something about her that changes everything. She becomes the most important person in his life.’ 
I was completely enthralled with Amy and Sid’s story from start to finish and can’t recommend this book enough. 

It’s available on Amazon from the 23rd of June 

Get it here: The Royal Roommate 

Feminist and Proud

Why do powerful women scare us?

Growing up I looked up two fictional characters these where Hermione Granger and Velma from Scooby Doo. These two girls helped me understand what a strong and smart women can achieve and that’s exactly what I wanted to be.

Up until last year I feared calling myself a feminist as i didn’t want people to take the piss out of me and call me a ‘special little snowflake’ because i saw something wrong with the women are treated in society. I no longer care that by expressing my view on equal rights I’m most likely to be called a Femi-nazi by  men who can’t stand the idea of powerful women.

To me a powerful women is someone who knows what she wants and how to get it but doesn’t tear down others to do so. My top three powerful women would be my Mum, Emma Watson and Sophia Amoruso i don’t want or need a perfect woman to look up to but someone who is flawed but still doing their best.


Take Sophia Amoruso author of #Girlboss and business women who started her own company at 22 but recently had to declare herself bankrupt hasn’t let that stop her in moving on with her life and really company flourish and fail so quickly that the ability to pick yourself back up afterwards is what is inspiring.

In my bid to champion feminism I’ve come across a mix range of views on what that now means however it should always mean this; “The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of equality of the sexes” and that’s whats important about feminism is that it should be about equality not making one gender superior to the other and anyone who thinks this is not a true feminist.

Yes feminism is still needed in today’s society and will be needed as long as there are sexist men who are allowed to have power and say in women rights. The need for women to unite against this ideology is needed even more now with people choosing to elect a president who thinks that its okay to say that he would grab them by the pussy, yet he is allowed to get away with it due to being a powerful man.

It’s a disgusting way to talk and view women but its inspiring to see how this has brought women closer together to unite as nasty gals.

Another example of why feminism is needed was seen earlier this week in the european parliament when an MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke described women as being weaker, smaller and less intelligent and therefore it being okay to pay them less. This comes from a man who has a say in women rights and infuriated a Spanish MEP Iratxe Garcia Perez who stood up to him and called him out for the blatant sexism.



Iratxe Garcia Perez speaking at the european parliament


“I am here to defend all European women from men like you”  Miss Garcia Perez

It baffles me as how other women can’t support feminism however and instead of empowering others they bring them down. That is not a strong women in my eyes but a hateful one who doesn’t want others to succeed.

The controversy recently over Emma Watson’s photoshoot for Vanity Fair is yet again another example of the twisted way people now view feminism. How can something that has been artfully done for a fashion magazine diminish her views on feminism. In reality it doesn’t have any effect on her views as long as it empowering women and is her own choice. That is where it differs from page 3 which is only there for mens pleasure and is not empowering to anybody.


Does my love of lipstick invalidate my views on feminism? 

Is sadly a question that I feel the need to ask myself when i see articles slating women on how they look or claiming that they can’t be a feminist because they wear makeup which is obviously for the pleasure of men not to give themselves confidence.

No it doesn’t invalidate my views at all, it docent change my opinion or how i want other people to see me all it does it give me a little bit of confidence when i see myself in the mirror.

I  don’t understand some mens confusion when you say thank you after a compliment  instead of rejecting it. Somehow this is seen as being cocky instead of  empowering as it should be. If I think i look pretty I’m not going to tell you I’m not nor should your opinion change how i feel about myself when i look into a mirror.


This all comes back to society fear of powerful women who are out there empowering other women to be great in all that they do. To me the women who empowers everything I do is my mum who is so strong when facing the most difficult of times that I can’t help but not be inspired by her and her ability to still stand tall.

The world is full of powerful women and I want to be considered as one of these women.