University Survival Guide 

You made it to Uni well done and now your looking forward to Freshers week. A time to going out for a week straight but it can be difficult to live away from home for the first time and most people realise they have no clue what there suppose to do as a functioning adult. 

1: Stock up on cough and cold medication- Freshers flu is real and you don’t want to miss out on Freshers events. 

2: Try and find out where your lectures are before hand turning up late is super awkward

3: Going out every night seems like a great idea until your still drunk/ hungover the next day in lectures.

4: Set up a cleaning rota with your flat mates it will help in the long run and mean that it’s not just one persons responsibility to clean the kitchen. 

5: It’s your first time living away from home and your parents are no longer telling you what to eat, which means you will try and eat chips and pizza everyday. However trust me when I say some fruit and veggies will help you fend off the Freshers flu. 

6: Get someone from home to teach you how to use the oven/ washing machien, it will save you the struggle of spending twenty minutes trying to learn what to do off YouTube and still managing to turn your clothes a different colours.
7: Don’t worry if it seems like your not making friends as quickly as everyone else, remember that you don’t just need to become besties with your flat mates but you have course mates and societies to find friends in too. 
8: Naps will become your new best friend especially if you want to go out partying every night. 

9: Learn how to live like a student. Buy food from cheaper shops or even just buy own brand stuff instead. Being broke is not fun so try and batch cook your food also and freeze meals for when you don’t have enough money to properly feed yourself. 

10: Go out and have fun

Hopefully this will be off some help or you could ignore it completely as long as you have fun and do some work, your all set. 

Destiny Decides Review 

Destiny decides by author P.G.Van
I have spent the last two week reading Destiny Decides by P.G.Van and while it’s not to my usual taste I can say that I really enjoyed especially for a little bit of light reading around school and work. 

The premise of the book is: 

”My body arched towards him and my head fell backwards giving him room to move his lips along the length of my neck. 

Almost a decade of pain pent up inside her, Sameera manages to lead a simple life with her older sister as her roommate. She wonders if she would have lasting happiness in her life as every time she finds happiness it is yanked away from her before she realizes it.

Nick was her best friend in high school and is now back in her life after all these years and it is very clear that he wants more than just friendship. He expresses his need for her very early on shaking up Sameera’s quiet world. 
                                  Will Sameera learn to stop bracing herself for the next big tragedy and learn to accept that she was destined to meet Nick? 

Is Nick the pillar of strength for Sameera to work through her challenges and internal conflicts? 

Can she trust the guy she had known many years ago? Nick is not a high school kid anymore; He is a successful businessman that leads a life of extreme luxuries. Nick seemed to know everything about her? How? She steps out of her comfort zone for Nick but can she hang on to him. Is Nick the guy that she was destined to meet or is he going to cause her another heart break? 

Take Sameera’s journey in this passionate love story as she discovers the meaning of true love and realizes the power of destiny.

I don’t normally read straight up romances but every now and again I give them a go and I’m really glad that I did otherwise I would have missed out on this brilliant story. 
I fell in love with the characters especially Nick as the story progresses and I actually felt and attachment to the characters by the ends making me excited to start reading the second book. 

I would definitely rate it a 4/5 
Download it from Amazon straight on to your kindle (free for a limited time) 
      Alisha’s Guide 💕

My subscription month

This month I began a subscription to two different subscription boxes. The first was the Zbox which theme changes on a monthly basis, this month the theme was ‘Guardians’. The second box that I ordered was from Prudence and the crow who produce a monthly vintage book box. I was excited to revive both of these in the last week and there contents were very exciting. 
First the Zbox. Produced by Zavvi it is a monthly geek box which promises to contain at least £40 worth of surprises. At only £19.99 a month I would say this is more than a fair deal. I actually purchased my first box as part of the deal was a free Hermione Granger Funko Pop. 

As you can see I had some great little treats from this box especially my Dumbledore Funko Pop who is so cute. 

The box contained: 

1) Dumbledore Funko 

2) Transformers Figure 

3) Ghostbusters Wallet 

4) Guardians of the Galaxy shirt

5) HALO: Hunters in the Dark Book

6) Hereos comic 
I loved nearly everything about this box from the cool t-shirt too my brilliant Ghostbusters wallet which I received loads of compliments for. As it is a surprise box I was never going to like everything but having a younger brother aloud for me to give away the HALO book without to much hassle. Everything else I will be keeping as its all so nice. 

I would rate the box 5/5 as having two Funko pops was worth the money I spent on it and that made everything else a bonus. My only complaint would be that when I signed up I only wanted one box and I didn’t realise until recently that the box would be auto renewed. I emailed Zavvi and they cancelled any further subscriptions very quickly and were extremely nice about it. I would defiantly renew my subscription once my next pay check comes through. 

Get yours here at for this months Batman box just in time for Batman vs Superman. 
My second box this month was from Prudence and the Crow which is a monthly vintage book box where each book is carefully selected based on a questionnaire you fill out. I personally chose mystery  as my favourite gender and I wasn’t disappointed with my box what so ever. 

At only £12 a month it is a good gift for book lovers everywhere and I spend so much on books a month that its good to have something through the door to help curb my shopping addiction. 

I’m really enjoying the book so far and my mums already called dibs once I finish and the cute little tea samples will be handy for my Sunday read. 

I would give this box 4/5 I loved it’s personal touch and its contents but I really shouldn’t be spending £12 a month for vintage books when I buy enough at my local used book shop as it is. 
Get your here at  Prudence and the Crow 

                  Alisha xx 

( @alishas_guide ) 

Marching into Spring 

Spring time is on its way and I’m having a clear out of my books. I have so many that have been on my TBR pile for months, I buy way more than I can read. As I put on Instagram my March list of books is a very mixed batch. It includes some fantasy with The Throne of Fire (Rick Rioden), a classic, Persuasion by Jane Austen. I also have a thriller Mr Mercedes (Stephen King) and a young adult move Will Grayson , Will Grayson by John Green. 


I can’t wait to read all of these and hopefully more if I find the time. 
I’m talking part in the March book challenge on Instagram and am having great fun completing each day so far           (other than when the lightings bad) pleas check it out (@alishas_guide) 


I’m also considering doing a bookish giveaway soon just got to find some cute little pieces for it. I have a few ideas but I want everything to be perfect. 

Thanks, Alisha 💕