Student life

University Survival Guide 

You made it to Uni well done and now your looking forward to Freshers week. A time to going out for a week straight but it can be difficult to live away from home for the first time and most people realise they have no clue what there suppose to do as a functioning adult. 

1: Stock up on cough and cold medication- Freshers flu is real and you don’t want to miss out on Freshers events. 

2: Try and find out where your lectures are before hand turning up late is super awkward

3: Going out every night seems like a great idea until your still drunk/ hungover the next day in lectures.

4: Set up a cleaning rota with your flat mates it will help in the long run and mean that it’s not just one persons responsibility to clean the kitchen. 

5: It’s your first time living away from home and your parents are no longer telling you what to eat, which means you will try and eat chips and pizza everyday. However trust me when I say some fruit and veggies will help you fend off the Freshers flu. 

6: Get someone from home to teach you how to use the oven/ washing machien, it will save you the struggle of spending twenty minutes trying to learn what to do off YouTube and still managing to turn your clothes a different colours.
7: Don’t worry if it seems like your not making friends as quickly as everyone else, remember that you don’t just need to become besties with your flat mates but you have course mates and societies to find friends in too. 
8: Naps will become your new best friend especially if you want to go out partying every night. 

9: Learn how to live like a student. Buy food from cheaper shops or even just buy own brand stuff instead. Being broke is not fun so try and batch cook your food also and freeze meals for when you don’t have enough money to properly feed yourself. 

10: Go out and have fun

Hopefully this will be off some help or you could ignore it completely as long as you have fun and do some work, your all set. 


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