Marching into Spring 

Spring time is on its way and I’m having a clear out of my books. I have so many that have been on my TBR pile for months, I buy way more than I can read. As I put on Instagram my March list of books is a very mixed batch. It includes some fantasy with The Throne of Fire (Rick Rioden), a classic, Persuasion by Jane Austen. I also have a thriller Mr Mercedes (Stephen King) and a young adult move Will Grayson , Will Grayson by John Green. 


I can’t wait to read all of these and hopefully more if I find the time. 
I’m talking part in the March book challenge on Instagram and am having great fun completing each day so far           (other than when the lightings bad) pleas check it out (@alishas_guide) 


I’m also considering doing a bookish giveaway soon just got to find some cute little pieces for it. I have a few ideas but I want everything to be perfect. 

Thanks, Alisha 💕


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